Make no mistake about it Artist Robinson is a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Dallas Texas, he has his own style of Country music he likes to refer to as Texas Boogie. Artist just released his third CD “Last Stop Bakersfield” and has a new CD “6pm in Austin” coming out soon. 

“Artist Robinson is my absolute favorite type of artist to work with - dedicated, passionate, wonderfully talented, witty and committed to his art, first and foremost. Oh, did I say talented? I hope to be working with him for as long as he will have me.” Jeffrey Weber, producer of “The Nashville Sessions, Volume 1.” 

Artist has a 30yr career in the entertainment business. He’s been busy making some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster movies - Ghostbusters 2017 < Spy < Faceoff < Jurassic Park 3 - with some of the biggest Studios WB < FOX < Paramount < Universal.  Artist has four CDs to date, recording his Texas Boogie style of Country music in some world-renowned studios including Ocean Way Studio Nashville and Melrose Music Hollywood. 

It is no wonder Artist is a creative force. His name is literally printed on hours of film and musical entertainment. Some highlights over the years include: 

* A DGA Award nomination for “John Adams” HBO Miniseries 

*Two songs placed on “Friday Night Lights” TV show soundtrack 

*Opening for Willie Nelson in Austin TX 

* Sziget Music Festival – Budapest, HU 

*Hard Rock Café – Boston 

*Whiskey a Go Go – LA 

* Acme Feed and Seed – Nashville. 

Everywhere he goes, Artist surrounds himself with the best talent in movies and music. He’s always at the top of his game. 

This New Year brings new adventure. Following up the release of his third CD “Last Stop Bakersfield” Artist will be out on tour this summer promoting his latest release “6pm in Austin”. This new CD has 6 down to earth Artist Robinson stories full of love, hate, hurt and pain, all things that make for a good country song. 

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